About ILT Education

Our Vision – Every child has the right to an equal education

The education company ILT Education is a market-leading supplier of special educational tools for Swedish schools with a focus on students with reading and writing difficulties as well as young children as they begin their learning journey. Our goal is to offer all students an equal education.

Our digital book solution for preschool and school, Polylino, was born in Sweden (under the name Polyglutt) and is used by more than half of Sweden’s preschools. The service is constantly expanding into new markets and is available in many countries in Europe and North America.


Our Story

Since 1990, our vision of providing all students with an equal education has characterized the company. Today we offer a whole collection of smart tools that are suitable from preschool up to adult education.


Ever since the start in 1990, our aim has been to make teaching materials available to more students. Initially, our focus was on Inlästa läromedel for students with reading and writing difficulties and dyslexia. Delivery took place on cassette tape or CD.

All students must have equal opportunity to gain knowledge and information, regardless of where in the country they live and how great the needs are. In 2008, the subscription form was introduced to create possibilities for schools and municipalities to offer Inlästa läromedel for all students.

Jakob Skogholm started as CEO.

The ILT app was launched in the autumn of 2013 and gave students the opportunity to access their Inlästa läromedel wherever and whenever they want. This meant that cassettes, CDs and clumsy Daisy players were no longer necessary.

The need for inclusive education with a focus on newly arrived students and students with another mother tongue grew. In 2015, Begreppa was launched. Begreppa give both students and teachers greater flexibility in teaching.

We reached the magic limit of one million users! We changed our name to ILT Inläsningstjänst and broadened our range by becoming a reseller for Vilja’s digital bookshelf.

At the end of 2017, 280 municipalities subscribed to Inlästa läromedel and 234 to Begreppa. With the help of technology, we are constantly developing our services. In September, the multilingual digital picture book service Polyglutt was launched.

During the year, we developed Polyglutt with new functions and many new languages. 2018 was also the year when we expanded outside Sweden’s borders, we launched Polyglutt in Finland under the name Lukulumo.

In January, Polyglutt was launched in Germany and in June in Norway under the name Polylino.

Polylino enters Austria, Switzerland, the UK, USA and Canada.

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