Polylino EAL Poster

We’ve launched a brand new free poster for nursery schools across the UK to celebrate multilingualism with the children at their nursery.

This isn’t just a poster for one day, it’s something you can keep and use continually in the future to involve all the children (EAL or English speaking) within your nursery setting.

Did you know that “a child who develops good use of their home language (sometimes also called their mother language) is more likely to develop good English?” (National Literacy Trust, February 2022). Polylino offers an alternative and engaging way for nursery practitioners to involve all children at storytime, no matter what their home language is, as many of the books can be listened to in English and up to 60 other languages!

Launched on International Mother Language Day which recognises that languages and multilingualism can advance inclusion, why not download and print our ‘Hello Around the World’ poster and teach every child in your nursery how to say hello in a different language!

Anyone who downloads the poster will also get a free 30-day trial of Polylino to use alongside the poster.

Download your free poster here!