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About Polylino

Polylino is a digital picture book service for nurseries and primary schools to use with children aged 0-7 years old. The user-friendly digital solution for the classroom hosts a wide range of picture books which can be read aloud or listened to in different languages. 

We have partnered with UK and Swedish Publishers to provide hundreds of high-quality picture books on your smart device. For each book, a child can browse the pages, listen to or mute the soundtrack and read for themselves, bookmark their favourite parts, zoom in on the artwork, and read together or separately.


Who is Polylino for?

Polylino is available for nurseries and primary schools to use in their classrooms for children aged 0-7. It is not available for parents to purchase and use at home.

We are always expanding in each of our markets, so if you’re interested in using the solution for a different age group of children, register your details for updates.

Why should my nursery or primary school sign up for Polylino?

  • Curriculum aligned resources – We have partnered with the renowned children’s literature expert Jake Hope to build a library of high quality books from UK and Swedish publishers which support the teaching of the UK national curriculum syllabus (Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One).
  • Inclusive and accessible – The digital service and the ebooks are ideally suited to support language development in children with Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities  (SEND).
  • Multilingual – Many of the books in the library can be listened to in multiple languages, so the service provides an alternative and engaging way to support language development in children who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL). Read more about the benefits of learning to read in your home language.
  • Home Access – As an add-on to Polylino, nurseries or primary schools can provide parents/guardians with access to use Polylino at home with their children. Read more about Polylino Home Access.
  • Market-leading – ILT Education is the market-leading provider of multilingual digital teaching services in Sweden – 285 of the 290 regions use one of its services – so we are trusted experts in the field when it comes to effective digital teaching solutions.
  • Internationally trusted service – Polylino was founded in Sweden, and we are now firmly established in Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In September 2021, Polylino will be available in the UK, USA and Canada.

“Polylino brings out the children’s curiosity about language ​​and so they develop an understanding of the differences in language from an early age.”

Jenny Thulemark and Åsa Svensson, teachers

What are the benefits of using Polylino in the classroom?

  • All children – no matter their learning requirements or home language – can take part in storytime together.
  • Teachers are provided with a Teacher Guide which details how the books can be used to support the Early Years framework and Key Stage One curriculum.
  • The service is an ideal solution for a blended learning teaching approach as it can be used alongside traditional books.
  • Children are given access to a wider range of books which in turn will broaden their vocabulary and horizons.
  • Stimulates children’s imaginations and inspires creative thinking.
  • User-friendly app available from Apple and Android. It can be downloaded to a tablet, iPad or smartphone, and even projected onto a larger screen.
  • Upon signing up for the service, all of our users become part of a supportive, informative and international network of like-minded teachers.
  • Market-leading customer support who are ready to guide our users every step of the way.

What do the experts say?

“Polylino offers a carefully curated library at children’s finger-tips. Early reading helps to stimulate children’s curiosity and interest and provides familiarity with letters and word sounds and language, laying strong foundations for future learning!”

Jake Hope, Chair of the working party for the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals

How do I sign up for Polylino?

The best way to discover the magical world of Polylino is to immerse yourself in it from the beginning and sign up for a free trial today. Use the form below to start your trial, or contact a member of our friendly customer service team to discuss your options.

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